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I live in Mooringsport La. and work in construction full time and dabble in art when ever I can. I would love to be able to do my art full time--who knows, maybe one day I will. In the past year, I started doing Festivals, trying to sell my Art. It is ALOT of work, but worth it. I have met so many people with the same interests as myself.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update on Moses and Melrose Festival

 These are Moses' latest pictures.  I think that he is becoming a little camera shy.  I had to get him out of the box several times before he would sit still for his photo op.

 He is doing very well.  He still comes to work with me every day--I can't leave him at home, I am afraid that the cats would want to play with him.

 This is one of my latest pieces.  I call him "Patch".  His head opens up to reveal a circuit board and a light bulb is inside of it that reads "Inspiration" along with a ball that says "Dream"

This is the inside of  Patch's box.  It has a clay heart, gears, a ball that says love and his own story.

 This is a picture of Alma. She was a vendor at the Melrose show.  She is such a sweetie.  You never know what her attire will be.  In this photo, she was a Zulu Princess.

 This is a picture of the Big House at Melrose.  This plantation was established in 1785.  It is truly beautiful.

 A large live oak at Melrose.

The gift house at Melrose

I had a really good show at Melrose.  I always love going there.  It is one of my favorites.  We got there on a Friday evening.  They had a huge supper for the vendors.  Chicken, brisket, fruit salad, dirty rice, potato salad.........and so on.  And, for dessert there was banana pudding, fudge brownies, cakes, pies, fruits.  It was so delicious (are you hungry yet?).  We couldn't get right up on our spot with the truck because of the large oak trees.  They are trying to protect the root system and didn't want anyone driving on them.  We had to cart everything in.  We set up the tent and the grid walls and the tables, and kept the art boxed and on top of the tables.  We put up the sidewalls and left.  That night, it poured.   And it didn't just pour for a little while...........It rained a monsoon for HOURS.  I guess that the rain settled over Natchitoches and decided to stay there because I listened to it rain most of the night.  It finally stopped at about 3 am.  I was just sick.  I thought that most of my art was probably soaked.  After all, the tents are water resistant, not water proof.  The next morning driving into the plantation we seen tents toppled over and blown across the yard and I had a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I didn't want to see my tent or worse, my art.  But, to my surprise the tent did phenomenally well.  Two of my pieces got damp but all of the other pieces were dry.   I actually had a great show.  The jewelry that I made sold very well and I ended up with some orders for some custom mixed media angels.  I have one more show to do in May and then no more until the fall.

Have a great day!! F.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Abstract Thoughts and Moses

These are photos of the an abstract that I finished last weekend. I am on an abstract kick right now. I just love playing with the texture and color. I love bright colors and try to use as many as I can find!! I had an extremely busy weekend but got alot done for the upcoming show. I still have to get the camper out and pack up the art but I did get all of the pieces finished.

Here is the latest picture of Moses. For those of you who don't know--I found Moses several weeks ago on the job. His eyes weren't open yet and he had to be bottle fed. Guess he will just stay with me for awhile. I hate to think of his fate if I turn him out. What do you think--Free him or keep him??

There are so many owls and hawks and cats and then you have the mouse poison. He is not afraid of people either. What a quandary.

Would love to know your opinions.

Have a great day.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Melrose Plantation

House where Clementine Hunter painted

Looking in teh side window of the Hunter house.

Happy Friday the 13th. I have to admit that I lean a bit toward the dark side. I love the old horror movies, the weird and creepy and off-the-track stuff. I adore skulls and alot of the things that most people find disgusting. I am a little different but not in a bad way--With today being Friday the 13th, I just know that something good has got to happen. You know, maybe tonight would be a good night to get one of the old Vincent Price movies out, or one of the Underworld movies and sit down with a big bowl of popcorn and just "veg" out. I am a fan of Horror flicks though--The old Dracula movies, yeah, I love those. I am so ready for the weekend! I have a show next weekend so this weekend will be a flurry trying to get ready for that. I will be at Melrose Plantation next weekend. It is a beautiful old plantation house that old outbuilding surrounding it. It has been restored and is gorgeous. There is even a guesthouse on the property that once housed Clementine Hunter. It is in Natchitoches La. If you ever get the chance, it is well worth the visit. They have a big festival there every year. It is really great.

I am hoping to get a few more pieces out this weekend and what I have done will just have to do.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Flirting with Adventure

Here is my latest piece. I call it "Flirting with Adventure. Had a Great Easter Weekend. I got to spend two full days in the studio. I quit a little early Sunday so that I could make Easter Dinner. Ham and all the fixen's......It was good.

Flirting With Adventure

This is my latest finding. I found him 1 week ago tomorrow. His eyes weren't even open. I was walking through the job site building and saw him on the floor in the middle of the hallway. Man lifts and people were walking all around him. I can't believe that he wasn't squished. I call him Moses. He is so sweet and doing so good. I was afraid that he was past gone when I found him, but he has proven to be very resilient. He isn't afraid of me but dislikes anyone that he doesn't know. More afraid than dislike, I guess. But he is so sweet.