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I live in Mooringsport La. and work in construction full time and dabble in art when ever I can. I would love to be able to do my art full time--who knows, maybe one day I will. In the past year, I started doing Festivals, trying to sell my Art. It is ALOT of work, but worth it. I have met so many people with the same interests as myself.

Monday, November 28, 2011

November Drawing Winner..........

The monthly drawing was held for the month of November and the winner was "Lovey" from Maryland.  Congratulations Lovey!  She won the piece below.  Don't forget to go to my art website and register for next months drawing.  Follow the link Venus Blues Art Hideaway and go to the "monthly giveaway" tab at the top.  Leave a comment and that is it-your name will be added to the "hat" for the Dec. drawing--Good Luck!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The holidays are upon us once again and another year has almost come and gone--where does the time go.  Every year I have these grand goals and for the most part, I do get done what I aim to get done.  Sometimes I think that I set goals that are unattainable but, if your gonna reach for something--might as well reach high, right?  This time of year is always stressful.  Seems like everything piles up.  I have the outside things to do--plant rye for the horses,  bring in all the house plants and get ready for the winter, the shows, and the holidays.  January always slows down and for that I am grateful.    Our next show is the weekend after Thanksgiving and the next two weekends after that.  I know that the shows are great for contacts but getting ready for them is tiring.  To tell you the truth, I just feel kinda burned out this year.  It seems like so much time and effort goes into marketing, that if your not careful, it will suck the enjoyment right out of what you are doing.  I keep telling myself that I do the art because I love to do it, but sometimes it all just feels overwhelming.

I am busy trying to pack up and get ready for the show, and have alot of last minute things to do.

Hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Horses and Tack

For those of you who haven't signed up this month for the free drawing on Nov. 24, 2011 at my art website, it's not too late.  Just go to Venus Blues Hideaway  to the "Monthly Giveaway" tab and leave a comment--that's it--it's easy peasy :).  Abundance ( on the left) is the Featured piece and what you will win if your name is drawn.

 This one is Ringo.  She is part Thorough Bred and part Belgian.  She is the "Baby", the youngest, but the biggest.  She is full of life and her favorite past time is pestering the other horses.
This is Lacy.  She is my Rescue horse.  When we got her she was about 400 lbs. underweight.  She has had a hard go it but is becoming more and more trusting every day.  

Savannah was my first horse.  She is full of spunk.  She loves everyone--even strangers.  She is a quarter horse.

This is Zoey--she is my baby.  I got her when she was about 3 years old.  She has become a real "Mama's Girl".  She is my ride.


I have attached some pictures of my babies.  I have four of them and each one is special.

 We have had such a hard summer, the grass in our pasture was dead by September.  We have just recently had enough rain to plant Rye grass.

This is our new planter.  I know that I shouldn't be so excited about it, but it has helped tremendously with the planting.  We planted 12 bags of rye in about an hour.  Normally that would have taken 4-5 hours if we had used the little hand seeder.

As promised, here are some pictures of my new tack room--I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT !!

 Lewis did a great job with the tack room.  I can finally find what I want without having to dig for it. Hope you all have a great day.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This little guy was hanging out on my front porch this past summer.  He was looking for a cool spot.

Lenore--one of my last foundlings

Honey--Taking a siesta
 I had planned to get into my studio last night but the weather put a hiatus on that.  Rains came in last night and I was in a rush to get the critters fed and taken care of before it moved in.  It was thundering and lightening and I have to tell ya, I just don't like being out in the lightening.  Lacy, my oldest horse, doesn't like the storms either.  She was spooked and flighty when I was feeding her.  I don't know much about her history.  I have only had her for about 3 years and she was 16 when I got her.  Her history is sketchy but from what I could find out about her--it hasn't been good.  She will be with me for the rest of her life.  I think that she deserves a stable home (no pun intended).

We do have the new barn just about finished.  I will post pictures of it when I get more taken.  It is huge and I love it!!  My tack room is GREAT.  Not only do I get a new barn but my studio can now EXPAND to take up the old hay room and tack room--YES!!! 

I have been trying to figure out storage.  What is the best way to store my supplies and still be able to find them.  I have shelving units that I am going to install in the old hay room and I am thinking of clear boxes with labels.  I also want a "metal bin" for my scrap metal that I use for my salvage art. That way, it is right there when I want to sort through it.

The Paint, fabric and books are the only thing that I plan to keep up in the studio--of course, the sewing machine and things like that will stay there, but all of the stored items--things that don't really need climate control can go downstairs into the "overspill" rooms.  I plan on having the "old" tack room as storage for my canvas' and frames.  Canvas is damaged so easily that it needs somewhere that it can be protected. 

Mooringsport Fall Festival

The old hay room will be filled with shelves but will also have a work area in it where I can set up and leave up all of my power tools--that way when I want to use them, they are ready.  I won't have to dig them up and find a spot for them.  I can't wait to get this all set up.  When my fall shows are over, I am going to begin the electrical installation and then the wall insulation and paneling will be installed.   I will be glad when the fall shows are over and the "pressure" is off.  I feel like I have been running a race trying to get my inventory built up.   Sometimes, I feel like I am getting "burnt out".  I love the art and the creating but when you work on it every spare moment that you have it drains the enjoyment out of it. 

Hope that you all have a great day. F.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pictures from Canton

Well, it's official--the fall is the busiest time of the year.  Don't get me wrong,  I love it and it is my favorite season.  I love color and I just want to dive head-first into the golds, oranges, reds and browns.  It is a cozy time of year where you can spend time just taking in the cool evenings, especially after the summer that we have just had here.  It was brutal.  But, that is when I really begin gearing up for the fall shows and I never feel like I have enough inventory to spread around.  This year I have tried to remedy that with making prints.  I call them my "Resurrected Angels".  I have been a busy little bee trying to get  them printed.  I really don't know what sizes will sell well and what sizes won't.  So, I have made and assortment.  From Petite 4 x 4 to a larger 10 x 10 on Canvas and then 8 x 10 and 11 x 17 on print paper.  Since I am new to print making there is a learning curve.

  This past weekend, I broke away from the print making somewhat and did a little painting and building.  I needed a break from the mundane world of making prints.  I managed to get a sewing apothecary finished and three painting just about done.  I will go home in the evenings and finish the paintings.  That will just about do me for the shows.

As promised, here are the pictures from Canton and some of the goodies that I found.

I found a booth that had wonderful old pictures for 1.00 ea.  I stayed in that booth for awhile.

I like to use gloves in some of my shadow boxes, and I thought that the pick would be wonderful for making textures.

I think that this is a raccoon skull.  I will use this for my assemblage.  And the bracelet--I just liked it.

This is a mink skull--another treasure that I found. 

Women just love shoes--even if they are the wrong size.  I plan on reworking them.  Not sure yet what they will become.

These little angels and the heart above came from a booth that has beads and baubles and even animal skulls.

Add caption

And, don't forget to pop over to my art website  Venus Blues Art Hideaway to enter your name for the "freebie" drawing on Nov. 24. You may win one of my new art prints.  Her name is Poppy and I call the piece "Abundance"

Good Luck!!!