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I live in Mooringsport La. and work in construction full time and dabble in art when ever I can. I would love to be able to do my art full time--who knows, maybe one day I will. In the past year, I started doing Festivals, trying to sell my Art. It is ALOT of work, but worth it. I have met so many people with the same interests as myself.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I haven't completed or started any projects since Dec.  It is official, I am suffering from "withdrawals".  I made a resolution not to start any new projects until I get the studio remodeled and in a workable state and it has been extremely hard maintaining that stance.  But, on a lighter note, we have begun work on the studio and have made good progress.  Hopefully, in about two weeks, I can start organizing and getting my materials where I can locate them easily and have plenty of room to operate.  It is so hard to work in an area the is muddled and crowded. I have "BIG" plans for my studio area, I just need time and space to get it organized.  I am really excited about an online class that I have signed up for--It is with Michael DeMeng, this will be my third online class with him.  This one is on texturing.  He is the king of Assemblage.  I love his work.  Would love to go to one of his workshops if he ever gets close enough I plan on attending.  We are now imbedded into winter.  Today is cold and gray and so hard to get motivated.  I am ready for the warm, sunny days of spring and for the time to change so that we have longer day.  These short cold days make me want comfort food and a good movie.  I made a big pot of Chili over the weekend--paired it with cornbread, and it was delicious.   One of the best things about making Stews/Soups is that they make great left-overs and saves me time for a couple of days. 

I have been stocking up on my supplies so that when the time arises, I will be armed and ready to dive in. 
Happy Creating to you all.

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