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Saturday, July 9, 2011

God Wanted You Too


If you follow my blog, you know that I lost my best friend Wed. July 6.  It was an apparent heart attack.  He was only 3 1/5 years old.  Way too young to leave me.  I know that he was "just a dog", but he was a great friend and a devoted companion and my heart feels broken right now.  Today I wrote a poem about Henry.  It goes"

            God Wanted You, Too.
My Henry
I found you crumpled on the road
Scared and Broken-Still as a stone.

We picked you up and brought you home
From this day forward you would not be alone.

Wounded and silent, you made not a sound.
In a little red wagon I pulled you around.

A favor for you is what we thought.
A new lease on life for you we bought.

A broken dog with 2 bad hips.
Would you ever get around without a limp?

Lack-luster fur, all skin and bones
What a gift to you when we gave you a home.

I didn't know then what I've come to know now.
You became my best friend, my most trusted pal.

Giving all love and asking nothing in return.
For just one more look from you I will forever yearn.

Your heart was too small for all of that love.
And God called for you to join him above.

God wanted you too, and he knows best.
But for you to leave me so soon, I would never have guessed.

I miss your big brown eyes and all of your goofy ways.
Your unconditional love, our evenings on the couch where beside me you'd lay.

Reminders of you are all through the house.
Yesterday at Walmart I almost cried when I picked up a toy mouse.

These little things I see make me think of you.
Remembering all of the things that you used to do.

So long old pal, you were a great friend.
But, one day Henry, I will see you again.

RIP Dear Friend.


  1. Gee Faye! he was such a pretty dog! I'm so sorry he passed away! But like Ted's mom he's up in heaven with God! That's a happy thought!

  2. Thanks Sheila, He was a pretty boy and I miss him so much--he had such a huge personality. But, I know that he is with God and that he is free of pain-but my heart aches for him.



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