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I live in Mooringsport La. and work in construction full time and dabble in art when ever I can. I would love to be able to do my art full time--who knows, maybe one day I will. In the past year, I started doing Festivals, trying to sell my Art. It is ALOT of work, but worth it. I have met so many people with the same interests as myself.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Henry

Henry in the Snow
About 2 years ago on a dark summer night, my husband and I were coming in late-about 11 p.m.  As we crossed over a bridge I noticed a dog that had been hit, laying on the side of the bridge.  As we drove by I seen him lift his head and look at the truck.  I told my husband that the dog had been hit but was still alive--and that we needed to go back.  We did.  Looking at the dog laying there huddled in a ball, not moving at all, my husband thought he was dead.  I shook my head adamantly! No, he is still alive.  I saw him lift his head.  So in the dark of the night, parked in the middle of the bridge we sat.  I got out of the truck and walked over to him--not knowing how bad he was hurt or how he would react to a stranger.  I knelt down and talked softly to him, while rubbing him gently.  He was curled up tight -not moving a muscle..  My husband yelled that a car was coming and to get off of the bridge--I wasn't moving, not without the dog.  The truck whizzed by, barely missing me and the dog.  By this time, Lewis, my husband was becoming frustrated.  I was determined that I was not going to leave--not without the dog.  So, we gathered him up and put him in the truck.  He never made a sound, not even a whimper.  By the time we made it home it was late and I didn't know what to do with this dog.  My son lives next to me and he was away for the weekend so we decided that it was best to keep him away from the other dogs until we knew his the health situation.  We took him inside and gave him a look--his back end was hurt pretty bad but he didn't seem to have internal injuries.  So here we sit in the middle of the night--a lady and a stray dog.  The stray dog wounded and afraid to even look at me, in pain and probably scared to death. I looked him over,   I cleaned him up that best that I could, gave him food and water and said a prayer. "God, please let him make it 'til morning".  I left him on a pallet of blankets on the kitchen floor and went home and went to bed.  Early next morning I was anxious to check on the dog.  Had he made it through the night??  I walked over to my sons house and opened the door.  I heard him before I saw him.  His tail was pounding on the kitchen floor, so glad to see someone.  He hadn't made a miraculous recovery overnight, but his attitude had changed tremendously.  He looked up at me with big beautiful brown eyes full of trust.  He couldn't get up by himself, so I carried him outside and stood him up.  Once he was standing up, he could maneuver, but it was painful and slow. We had to figure out a way to get him around-he was too heavy to carry.  We remembered a little red wagon that we had stored in the back room of the house--would he stay in it if he were pulled around.  It was worth a try.  We put an old blanket in the bottom of the wagon and placed the dog in the wagon.  He lay there looking up at us as if to say "I don't know what's going on here, but I'll give it a try".  So that became his mode of transportation.  I told Lewis that we needed to give him a name.  He had a happy, trusting face--he looked like a "Henry", so Henry he became.  Henry rode to the vet in the red wagon and was pulled into the vet in the same manner.  I have to admit that Henry looked bad--lack luster fur, skinned up legs, skinny and dirty. I received some pretty nasty look from the patrons in the clinic--how could I let "my" dog get in this condition.  Doc gave Henry and exam and said that he didn't appear to have internal injuries and that his limbs weren't broken, but his pelvis may be.  He said that if  that were the case, then the best thing we could do would be to keep him calm and see how he does.  Doc said that Henry may never get right, he may never run or even walk up stairs.  On top of his pelvis injuries, Henry had heart worm and intestinal worms.  He estimated Henry's age to be 1 1/2 years old.  2 years later and Henry had exceeded all of our expectations.  He has brought nothing but joy to our lives.  When he looks at you his expression is that of total devotion and true love.  During the day while we are at work we put all of the dogs out in the yard for the day and in the evenings we bring them in for the night  The end of the couch is Henry's reserved seat.  He  sleeps next his mama every evening and gives me a hug before I go to bed.  Henry worries, he is a worry wart.  He has adopted a squeaking mouse and when it's given  to him--he can't rest.  He can't lay it down, he has to hold it.  He was the most dedicated companion that I have ever had.  I would often tell Lewis that Henry loved me more than anything on earth and he showed it.  Yesterday, when we got home from work, we went outside  to go to the garden and the kids (dogs) were at the gate, all watching us intently, waiting to come in.  It wasn't time yet.  We talked to them and went on about our chores.  Everyone was fine and the world was good.  About 6 o'clock our neighbor came over to bring us some shelves and on my way across the yard, I  looked through the gate at the kids.  All eyes were on us except one pair.  Henry was laying in the yard--not normal if he knew we were about.  When I called his name he didn't move.  Knowing that there was something wrong, I ran into the yard, but it was too late.  Henry was gone.  I guess his heart was just too small to hold all of the love that he carried.  I miss him so.  To Henry: You were the best companion  and friend that I have ever had. I will miss your big, trusting eyes, your goofy ways and your unconditional love. Rest in peace Henry--mama loves you.


  1. I am so sorry, my heart breaks for you. I know how painful it is to lose one of your babies.



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